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I’ve been meaning to update my day and night skincare routine for a while (my last was in 2014!) Goodness, I hadn’t realised that it was so long ago! I’d been trying to write a post about my skincare routine for a while, but what with one thing and another, never got around to writing it.

I also get a lot of requests to share the products I’m using in my routine. The thing is, a lot of my basic routine remains pretty constant. The products change from time to time, depending on my skin needs, how I feel etc.

So, instead of just sharing my skincare routine once a year, which will change, I’ve decided to keep to an evolving skincare routine post. I’ll endeavour to share my routine every 2-3 months. It’ll give you an idea of what I’m using, how they work for me, how I use a product or fit it into my routine, and it’ll give me a point of reference as well. Also, it’ll allow me to highlight certain products that I may not dedicate a full post to. Win, all around methinks!

skincare routine sensitive skin

For starters, here’s my skincare routine that I’ve been doing for the past month or so. I had a much more complicated routine before this. But about a month ago, I noticed that the skin on both my cheeks were taking on a very bumpy feel. It wasn’t visible, but the texture of skin had changed, and any glow I had was gone. Naturally so, for the skin was uneven, even if unnoticable to someone else. I was very upset.

So, one day, I sat down, and stripped back all my skincare. Then, I built back a routine that was very simple and basic. Whether it was the products I used, or the routine I was on, my skin is now back to normal. Hurrah! 😀

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