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I went to see my dentist last week, and it was then I realised that I hadn’t been for over 2 years. 2 years! I used to be fairly regular before this, doing the twice-yearly check-ups as recommended, for oral health. But a lot happened in the past 2 years, and truth to tell, going to the dentist just didn’t feature on my schedule.

The only reason I thought of going, was because my teeth felt weird, which is reason enough! Fortunately, none of my teeth were going to fall out, and my teeth were professionally cleaned, as they should have been months ago!

So, my PSA today, is to tell you that if you have not seen your dentist for teeth cleaning and a check up recently, DO IT! Don’t wait! Make your appointment NOW!

dentalpro interdental brush

I also wanted to share with you my latest dental discovery – interdental brushes!

While I was given a clean bill of dental health, my dentist did identify some potential issues that could arise in the future. So, he recommended that I use an interdental brush, instead of dental floss for healthier teeth and gums. We all know we should floss, but I don’t know about you, I’m a lazy bum when it comes to flossing. Oops 😛

So, after my appointment, I ran off to the nearest pharmacy and picked up a pack of interdental brushes, and then went home to do a little research on this little gadget that I was unfamiliar with 🙂

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