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Facial oils are really hot right now. So many brands are coming out with their version of facial oils, and you know it’s a hit product when even mainstream brands get in on the act. I’d actually used rosehip oil many years ago, as a teen, but wasn’t quite educated on the best way to use it, so I really hated it because it was so damned sticky! I returned to facial oils a few years back, when I found that my skin was turning drier, and with a little trial and error, have worked out the best way to use them. I now love facial oils, and I’m always looking out for the next one to try!

I thought I’d give you a run down on the oils I’ve used (some older ones won’t be included as I no longer have or use them, so I can’t talk about them) to give you an idea of what sort of oils I like, and how I use them. It is non-exhaustive, as I have more to showcase in time to come!

facial oils

Just briefly, despite what we might think, oils are actually good for our skin, not only dry skin, but even oily or combination skin types can benefit. You just have to find the right oil for your skin and that you feel most comfortable using. Naturally, drier skin types will benefit more from using facial oils, as it helps to rebalance your lipids and nourish your skin, so it stays more supple and hydrated.

Does it take the place of a moisturiser or a serum? Personally speaking, I’ll say no. I use a moisturiser or cream over my oils to seal them in. Opinions vary on this, where some people say that the oils go on last, but I’m sticking to my way, because it works for me both physically, and logically. If you have oily skin however, you may just want to end off with the oil and skip moisturiser, as anything else on top may feel heavy.

So, here are some oils that I use and how I use them, to give you an idea of where to start. Settle in 🙂

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