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One of the perks of me getting older is that my skin seems to be behaving itself better and settling down. Yes, I get the dryness and the inevitable lines that comes with age, but for the most part *touchwood* my skin has decided that I’ve suffered enough acne through my teens and 20’s, and is now sparing me the spots and pimples. Now, the few spots I get are often self-inflicted. Masochist, I know!

So, when I recently sprouted a few spots on my skin (which I’m attributing to new skincare I was trying out) I got into a bit of a tizz. Having gotten rid of everything relating to pimples in my skincare cupboard, how was I going to treat my spots?

mamonde ac balance spot serum

But rummaging around in my stash produced the Mamonde AC Balance Spot Serum, which I’d been sent a little while ago. I’d put it aside, as I was celebrating my clearer skin, but it was a good time to put it to the test now.

Mamonde is a very affordable Korean skincare brand under the Amore-Pacific cosmetics umbrella. Mamonde’s brand story is that they derive their products from flowers. I’ve tested one or two of their products, and for the most part find them alright. They are basic, in a way that may suit someone who is younger, or who is just starting out with a skincare routine. For someone like me, I feel it to be insufficient in hydration or intensity. Prices are very affordable however, and that allows for a routine that is easy to maintain.

But today, it is about this Mamonde AC Balance Spot Serum, which is a BHA based serum that is supposed to control skin sebum and soothe skin. But more interestingly, what did it do for my spots?

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