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I shared my skincare routine last in August 2017, and said I’d make it a more regular segment here on the blog, if only for my personal reference, to remind myself of what works (and what doesn’t). What you may notice is that while the products will switch around and change from time to time, the structure of my routine remains pretty much the same, which is what makes it a “routine”.

In August, I was all about calming down my skin that was feeling sensitive. By September, my skin was calm and zen, and I was ready to play around again. But I set myself a goal.

skincare routine september 2017

I had a bunch of skincare that were either on their last legs, or almost expired, and I gave myself a challenge of either using them up, or tossing them out.

Happily, I ended up using up and emptying quite a few items, which made me very happy. I know it is odd to be happy about emptying a skincare product (I should be sad, as it means I have to purchase something to fit its missing hole in my routine) but I have other similar products waiting in line to take its place, and I was excited to have a go at them! 😀 #beautyjunkieproblems

So, here’s my skincare routine in September 2017 including what I’d finished, and I’ll tell you if I’ll repurchase them 🙂 Feel free to share your thoughts, or even your routine with me! I’m a nosy parker 😀

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