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Time was, whenever I was faced with a product targeted at “sensitive skin”, I’d just smile politely and move on. I was convinced (not without reason) that my skin was not sensitive. And to a large extent, there was some truth in that.

Generally speaking, I do not have what is conventionally referred to as “sensitive skin”. My skin does not get irritated easily, and I do not suffer from eczema or most skin problems (for which I am very thankful!). I have older, more matured skin than most of you reading this, I warrant, and I am plagued by the problems associated with age – hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, dry skin – and I target those concerns in my skincare regimen.

fragrance skincare sensitive skin

While I now take the trouble to look at the ingredient list on a skincare product, I’d never quite thought about how fragrance reacts with my skin, despite reading a lot of literature telling me that it can sensitize skin or aggravate sensitive skin. I have friends who tell me they cannot use a certain product that I might enjoy, because the fragrance in the product irritates their skin. I never quite understood it. Sorry guys 😛

But recently, I had an experience that drove the point home for me. Fragrance in skincare, in copious amounts in my case, can indeed lead to skin sensitivity! Do you experience the same?

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