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I pride myself on being all adult and rational, and not falling for rainbows and glitter and only just went and did just that! For some reason, when I first came across Leahlani Skincare on Instagram (where all lemmings are born), I was drawn to it. Was it the pretty pastel packaging? Or perhaps the quirky names of products like “Siren Serum” or “Mermaid Mask”? Or perhaps the lovely, relaxed vibe the brand gave off. I could almost feel the warm, balmy Hawaiian breeze against my skin.

But I ran into a snag. It was very expensive to have it shipped to me here in Malaysia from Hawaii. So I heaved a regretful sigh, and resigned myself to admiring it from afar. Until one day, the brand popped up on one of my favourite etailers, and I hauled!

leahlani mermaid mask

One of the first items I added to my cart was the famed Leahlani Mermaid Mask. Like unicorns, mermaids were enjoying their day in the sun for a spell, but it seems more shortlived. Unicorns are still going strong aren’t they? 😛

Leahlani Skincare is a natural skincare brand, with a holistic slant. The owner, Leah, wanted to create a skincare range that was not only good for the skin, but that people would enjoy using. Each item in the Leahlani Skincare range is a sensorial delight. The colours are different from what you’d see in most skincare, ranging from deep green in the Mermaid Mask, to the warm pink of the Bless Balm, and to the golden champagne liquid of Siren Serum. The glass packaging is luxurious and the scents are intoxicating, soothing and delicious. This is a brand I am definitely looking to delve further into, but I’ll kick off with the Leahlani Mermaid Mask.

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