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The problem for everyone, when you develop an interest in a subject like beauty or skincare, is the tendency to go overboard. I attribute this to FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. A real concern.

Sure, we say we are interested, and we are restrained, but in actual fact, we aren’t. We proclaim we love a product, and then we say in the next breath “I need a back up!” Youtubers and Instagrammers don’t help. They show off their full cupboards and their “shelfies” and they tell you “I need a backup!” and “Look at all my beautiful storage systems” And we run out and buy a back up, and we build our own shelfies. And we see a sale happen. And we buy new items to try, or a back up. And we look at our beauty cabinet with pride, and think “Ah, I have a wonderful stash of products!”

I have news for you – STOP! 

stop hoarding skincare

I am not immune to FOMO myself. I am not ashamed to confess this. I have said this year, that I have scaled back on my beauty purchases substantially, when compared to previous years. The reason was because I had built up a substantial stash, and I wanted to try to make a dent in my stash.

I did quite well till towards the year end, when the sales began, and my roving eye picked out new products and skincare brands I was interested to try, that had finally come online. All resolve flew out the window!

But something happened to me, that knocked sense back into my skull. Stop hoarding. Stop buying new stuff. Stop owning back ups. Just stop!

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