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I first tried Chicken Cacciatore many years ago, as a student. It was one of the first Italian dishes my Dad really enjoyed eating (he was less adventurous back in the day, thinking Italian food meant lots of cheese LOL!) and I’ve always looked for it on the menu at Italian restaurants. Unfortunately, it is not something easily found here.

One day, I told myself that if I wanted to eat it, I jolly well had to learn to cook it myself! So I did!

chicken cacciatore recipe

I looked around for a recipe, and there are a million and one on the internet. But I picked the one from Serious Eats, because it looked the easiest, with the fewest ingredients. I have since cooked this many times, with great success every time, and it’s now my signature dish! 😀 If you ever eat at Chez PB, odds are I’ll pull this trick out of my culinary repertoire LOL 😀

I hosted a New Year lunch with my friends this year, and instead of ordering in fast food, as we have been doing for the past 7 years, I decided to cook my Chicken Cacciatore dish. It turned into a mini pot luck, and was a lot of fun, and I might even say, delicious! 😀 So, let me share it with you.

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