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I sometimes feel like sleep aids are made or created by people who don’t really have a sleeping problem. If you do, you will know that a drop of lavender does nothing but smell nice. I have a sleeping problem, and think I’m authority enough on the subject!

That said, I do not have chronic insomnia, which I consider a blessing. I used to sleep like a log when younger. I’d sleep through anything – fireworks, noise, crowds – I could curl up in a corner and drop off just like that. So my sleeping problems crept up on me over the years. It isn’t so bad that I need medication, but I am always game to try any sleep aid!

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These days, I go through bouts of sleeping through the night, and days when I don’t. When I do, my eye bags reduce in size and my skin looks clearer and better. When I don’t, I have eye trunks (not bags), and my skin dulls. Regulars will also know of my neverending battle with sleep – it’s something I’ve been battling for years so every night I sleep comfortably is a blessing!

I am therefore, always on the lookout for sleeping aids to help me go to sleep that more easily, and more importantly for me, stay asleep. One of the things that I tried are pillow sprays. REN Skincare has just released a new product, the REN & Now to Sleep pillow spray, and I have been trying it out for a while. Let me also share with you my thoughts on whether pillow sprays work, for those of us who have a sleeping problem.

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